About Me

Welcome to Anime Panorama. This site was created for the purpose of hosting self created anime stitches – a series of snapshots compiled into a single image. You are free to download and use these stitches for whatever purpose you’d like.

If you are curious about how to create stitches yourself, my process is as follows –

  1. Take a series of snapshots. The images must be cohesive in some way. For example. I take these snaps of a panning shot of Ichigo Kurosaki












with the intention of turning it into one single image. I personally use the MPC player to play and capture media.

2. Download an image composition program that can fuse these snaps together. Photoshop is an expensive solution. Microsoft Ice is a free, simple option that I use for every created image on this site. It will ask you to import images into the program, then will convert them within a matter of seconds.

3. Magic happens. You should be viewing your stitch





If there is an error in the program, then it is likely due to your images lacking consistency. To remedy this you should try to capture more frames in the sequence and then import them once again. You may also run into common issues with breakage in the image if the snaps are not entirely consistent, but if you’re not a stickler for quality then this isn’t a huge problem. Lastly you’ll want to to export as PNG in order to ensure the best quality output. For storage reasons, all images on this site will be in JPG however.